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The Guild is its members. This means taking an active part in the Guild, joining in events, grouping with other Guildies on a fairly regular basis, helping others with quests, doing what you can to help the Guild as a whole. That does not exclude soloing, grouping with others, or not jumping in to help every person who asks. It is about finding the right balance to benefit you and the Guild. And never forget - WoW is a game. Lets have fun, create moderate amounts of mayhem, and drink more beer!

Also never forget that you carry the Guild's name above your head at all times, conduct yourself in a manner which will earn respect from your fellow players, not contempt. Be proud of being a ORGRIMMAR NIGHTS, and make those around you happy to see one. Be polite, both to Guildies and fellow travellers. Be a nice person - even if this means you have to role-play the whole time (we're sure you can be evil and nice at the same time...)! Don't spam, don't ninja-loot, don't kill steal, don't get caught up in abusive arguments and don't intentionally train.

Any member who does not play within Blizzard's policies and Guild rules will be removed from the Guild, as this can damage a Guild's reputation. Conversely, if another player acts poorly toward you, then try politely asking them to stop or reach a compromise, and if that doesn't work, try speaking with one of their Guild's officers. There is never an excuse for dealing with like by like. Have self-respect. No begging in guild chat, and especially not in general/trade chat, /say, /yell etc. By all means ask for help when you need help, but make the distinction. If it is not immediately urgent or you no-one is around to help, try the forums. For quest assistance, do some research, and if needed plan a date and time, asking for help from people through a forum post or setting up an event. It is easier to help those who help themselves in this respect.

Please do not auction or sell in guild chat - that is what the "Trading Post" forum part is for. If you are looking for services (gems, enchanting etc.) - your request should be polite and specific where possible. Guild members are under no obligation to fulfil the requests, however if they are not busy and have the time to spare, then providing assistance is encouraged. These should be non-exploitative - neither overcharging a guild member nor making a profit from another's good will. If a Guildie offers you something cheaply, buy it to use it, not to sell it on elsewhere. If no response to your request is received in guildchat, then direct whispers should not be used. By all means repeat the request after a polite amount of time but do not spam.
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Guild News

Kiafus1972, Jun 22, 10 3:56 PM.
We will now Raid 25 mans on Wednesday and Thursday, from 830-1130 server time.  Please make every effort to be on for raids.  New content is out and the gear is ripe for the taking.  For more information on the guild please see Kiafus.


Kiafus1972, Apr 30, 10 12:14 AM.

So proud of those that have pulled the line.  Way to go Guild!


Kiafus1972, Apr 20, 10 11:18 AM.
I want to take this time to address where we have been and were we are and hopefully where we will be going.

The guild is approaching yet another anniversary soon and we have seen ups and downs yet we continue to progress as a guild.  This is a direct result of its core members who rather than quit and walk away do whatever must be done to push on.  Many of those that left have returned because at the end of the day our guild offers what others do not and that is understanding and flexibility.  As long as we hold true to being an understanding and flexible guild we will continue to add to our tenure as one of the servers oldest guilds.

We recently had a huge defection of members who for various unknown reasons left to pursue other options.  Instead of panicking the core members rallied around this and added people with CHARACTER and PASSION and we rebounded rather quickly.  This again is another reason why our guild is resilient. The new members are going above and beyond, we even had one member put in 20 hours straight of raiding to build up another complete set of gear.

With the new expansion on the horizon we will continue to improve our skills as a raiding guild.  We will continue to add new members.  We recently had our first guild election in which long time member Haisenflay won the election of the guilds newest officer.  we have promoted new members to the ranks of class lead: Zombie, Lach, Bigsexee and Warwicki.  We have an excellent leadership mix in our guild, some and some new.

Our guild is strong as it ever has been.  What has not kill us has truly made us stronger as both individuals and as a whole.  In closing, we have just begun to realize our full potential, we will continue to take risks and reap the rewards for those risks, those that stay for the journey will be glad that they did.

GUILD FIRST, Sindragosa goes down in 10 man

Kiafus1972, Apr 18, 10 11:51 PM.

The guild did not waiver and kept at it all week and the results spoke volumes!  We killed Sindragosa!  Congrats to all those that put in the work and to those that cheered us on!

New Guild Motto

Kiafus1972, Apr 4, 10 2:16 PM.
After some time and thinking we now have another guild motto in addittion to our original one.

1.  Communication is a MUST!

and the new one:

"Character is EVERYTHING"

Tell me what ya think.
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